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inculcate the savings habit
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savings plan for 2 yrs or more
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savings plan for long term goals
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proprietary customer profiling algorithm


ummeed in hindi means hope. however small be the savings, we want our customers to still have the hope that they will achieve their goals with our solution. ummeed is a solution tailored for those whose HH incomes & expenses are volatile, and may like to save small amounts. the key objective is to inculcate the discipline of saving among these households.

enrolment begins with a minimum contribution of Rs 500 per month, and in multiples of Rs 100 thereafter.


lakshya is a curated financial solution for customers who are interested in saving for a minimum of two years. it is specifically designed for households in the informal sector, whose income & expenses are quite volatile, making regular savings challenging. 

lakshya combines the power of savings with a limited liquidity facility to provide a much needed cushion during short volatility crisis and further adds a goal protection insurance to safeguard against larger shocks


udaan in hindi means flight. it prepares our customers to achieve their long term goals. udaan is specifically designed for households in the informal sector that have matured to the discipline of making continued contribution for an extended period of time, making preparation for long term and important life goals easy and efficient. 

udaan is a customised financial solution that combines the power of long term investment while protecting the goal from uncertainties of life. in addition it provides a liquidity facility to tide over short term uncertainties so that you take the udaan you deserve.


our solutions are designed to serve customers both individual or families and small & medium sized businesses. because of a goal linked solution approach, the customer finds it extremely simple to enrol for a kaleidofin solution that remains true to the real life needs of the customer.

how are our solutions different?

no one-size-fits-all: unlike most financial product manufacturers we provide custom solutions
persona & goal based: our solutions are based on customer’s persona, business & personal goals
the savings habit: our solutions introduce the discipline of savings even to HHs with very low savings
product mix: our solutions are a combination of savings, credit, investments and insurance products
quick, secure, and cashless: leveraging on robust technologies and our proprietary algorithms
app based, end-to-end delivery: customised solutions delivered to customers at their doorstep
cost effective: providing intuitive & tailored solutions to everyone at very affordable rates