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the Kaleidofin platform provides a cost-efficient and compliant distribution channel for its product partners

Kaleidofin’s platform, built on strong technology backend support, ensures a unified process for enrolment, authentication and post sales interaction for our product partners. Each Kaleidofin solution has a pre-designed structure, integrated with the product partner platforms to ensure seamless transaction.

Our robo-advisory technology matches a customer’s risk persona to his/her life goals and recommends the best suited Kaleidofin solution. This ensures there is no miss-selling or wrong recommendation.

As a product partner, you can plug in to the Kaleidofin platform to access the last-mile market linkage. At Kaleidofin platform – there is no definition of exclusion. Our technology and solution constructs ensure that the financial products are accessible to everyone and at the right stage. In a nutshell, you get the benefit of a wide ‘trust’ network without incurring any incremental cost. In under a year, we have over 16 partners that give us access to 4 million customers and is rapidly growing

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