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everyday we work with a zeal that is matched by your passion towards your customers

With an objective of helping you deliver your version of exemplar customer centric experience, Kaleidofin opens its platform to network partners such as you. We provide seamless plugin for institutions such as Banks, Banking Correspondents, MFIs, NGOs or other consumer facing institutions to complement their core-offering with goal-based financial solutions

Come be a partner on our platform and be the institution of choice for your customers. If you are wondering why should you plugin to our platform now?

well, now is the right time to join hands quite simply because

each of your customers are different from one another and deserve nurturing that are true to their unique lives

your customers face an acute need for that one easy to understand financial solution which is focussed towards ushering them towards their life-goals.

nothing speaks louder than customer centricity

and there’s a business opportunity that

delivers deeply engaged processes and higher consumer connect leading to increased customer lifetime value

provides higher wallet share

enables deep insights into holistic financial behaviour of your customers proving to be a shot in the arm for your current business

here’s what Kaleidofin offers

tailored financial solutions

that are customized for the target consumer segment which values convenience and flexibility as much as high performance–

  • Curated savings instruments with the primary objective of principal protection
  • Returns higher than savings accounts
  • Protect and nurture against volatilities and life’s uncertainties through a strategically timed mix of credit and insurance

ease of adoption

  • Assisted as well as self-service app that is intuitive to use for people from various levels of digital readiness
  • Partner specific custom processes and training module
  • Immersive adoption with cue-cards and vernacular support

business impact

  • Revenue share
  • Higher customer lifetime vale nurtured through curated nudges
  • Customer insights that drive innovation in your business

If this looks like a pretty comprehensive list, it is so because we love to put in herculean effort to make you the preferred institution. We

offer a nimble and powerful plug and play platform through our extensive use of cutting-edge technology

let you choose your own interface that maximizes your business’ utility

deliver training and hand-holding to your front-ending associates

drive and support with robust customer engagement module

give you access to deep customer insights driven by our machine-learning algorithms and profound experience of Kaleidofin leadership

bring in unmatched value through high quality product-partnerships strengthened through our strenuous quality-checks

some of our network partners

If this excites you, we would love to hear from you

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