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India Inc. is thriving so are its agents of change – the employees. Along with the increasing drive, stress at workplace is rising to unprecedented levels. Financial stress is a significant contributor to this basket and ubiquitously finds itself as the topic of workplace chats. Most employees, at all levels feel the need but lack the time and the expertise to make their hard-earned money do more for them. Inability to fulfil their personal goals often leads to dissatisfaction with their current job, leading to declining productivity and frequent job changes.

You get to be the best workplace to work for with minimal to no HR intervention and no employee manhours lost. It’s digital and delivered at the convenience of your employees’ laptop. We at Kaleidofin, understand that your firm might have employees at various levels of hierarchy and it’s exactly the scenario that we pride ourselves in solving. Our AI-powered algorithm charts and implements customized paths for each of your employees basis their socio-economical status. To top it all – You can co-create flexible retention strategies for your employees at absolutely no cost!

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Partner with Kaleidofin and you get to identify these “at-risk” segments. With our goal-based financial planning platform, your employees get one stop to choose a goal and forget about their financial vulnerabilities. We help them –




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