platform partnership

Plugging into the Kaleidofin platform would enable you to deliver incremental value to your customers through restructured financial solutions as well as insights to inform your core business

We are an exciting new platform that offers instant plug and activation for various categories of partners such as:

network partners such as Banks, MFIs, NBFCs, NGOs who already have a customer-base that they interact with and empower

corporate partners who strive to be some of the best places to work at

financial product partners who provide us high quality building blocks for our solutions

our platform creates incremental value by

enabling established channel partners to enhance their product offerings, without any capital investment

delivering value-added personalised and yet protected intuitive set of solutions and services at the customer’s doorstep

providing product companies better access to the mass-market, a segment with new income and ability to grow and invest

Check out the ways you could plug into our platform

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