network partners

institutions that have a strong on-ground presence and distribution network, e.g. microfinance institutions, cooperatives, self help groups e.t.c.
institutions that want to partner with us in delivering customised financial solutions to the underbanked.
if you are one such institution, we look forward to hearing from you.

sewa bank

kaleidofin proudly announces its partnership with SEWA bank

Sewa meaning “service” in several indian languages, is framed around the goal of women’s employment & empowerment in which customers secure for their family: income, food, health care, child care, and shelter. with over 2 million participating women, SEWA is the largest organization of informal workers in the world and largest non-profit in India.

in it’s partnership with kaleidofin, sewa bank proposes to offer tailored financial solutions to its distinct set of customers by harnessing the power of kaleidofin’s kaleidoyantra – a machine learning based customer and goal profiling engine.

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