Our mission

kaleidofin’s mission is to propel customers towards meeting their real life-goals by providing them intuitive & tailored financial solutions

kaleidofin journey

founded by Puneet Gupta and Sucharita Mukherjee in 2018, Kaleidofin is a wealth-tech platform. Our name “kaleidofin” is inspired by the power of financial solutions to enable beautiful possibilities of a future life for each customer


We believe that all of us experience life through a myriad of lenses and experiences. Each one of us is distinct from the other and therefore one size does not fit all. With this realization, began our journey

Kaleidofin offers goal-based solutions that:

Plug the right financial service at the right stage of our customer’s lives

 Create ML powered customer personas

Employ proprietary suitability engines for each persona

Deliver unmatched experience to customers and platform partners

We have created Kaleidofin as a platform where entities such as Banks, MFIs, NGOs and Corporates can plug in to offer Kaleidofin goal-based solutions for their customers and employees respectively at places of their own convenience. For many of our customers who are not fully immersed into digital tools, we take the technology to their doorsteps via assisted onboarding

The core tenets of our platform are

data driven insights that enable deep-understanding of consumer financial lifestyle and inform customized solution design

goal-based approach that combines the power of savings, investment, credit and insurance into one solution which plugs in at various life-stages of our end-customers

technology design that is adaptable to partner entities’ unique workflows enabling seamless plug and play and automated transactions at scale

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